Sunday, 20 November 2011

Two Important Things to Consider When Creating a Social Identity

I was at a seminar/workshop recently about technology and public libraries and one thing that really hit home for me with all the social media stuff I already do is ‘Branding’: being consistent with your username so they become as identifiable as your website(s).

One of the first things I did when I got home was checked the availability of my username (@juanitahydabrek) at several social networking site at All the ones “taken” were ones that I have taken myself so I know @juanitahydabrek is indeed unique to me.

The other part was projecting your ‘Brand’. Think of your username as your own personal brand. According to, my username was still very much available at many social media websites. So now I am going ‘hog wild’ creating @juanitahydabrek accounts with websites I hadn’t already made an account with.
This all isn’t new information to me and most likely not to you either. However, one thing I did notice especially with my PrettyInPinkDogs fun blog, my username was simply too long for some social media websites and therefore I was not adhering to the rule of thumb of being consistent. Some websites I have @prettyinpinkdogs and others I have @prettypinkdogs, this is an known issue for me and one I noted address for people who might be trying to start from square one right.

The two most important things I walked away with a deepened appreciation and a more determined resolution with respect to social networking was (1) be consistent, and (2) protect your username.

I am sure this has been said from most everyone like a broken record but it is always worth mentioning again and again: be careful what you say. In many ways this tip should really be #1.

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