Thursday, 31 December 2015

My Goals for 2016

I am not big on New Year's resolutions but goals is something I can get behind, something I can work towards. A friend of mine listed a number of goals he wanted to accomplish next year and I thought that was such a great idea. I would like to do the same.

The thing I like about goals, rather than resolutions, is in order for a goal to be effective they need to be quantitative. Even if it is a single goal, it is either completed or not.

I am on maternity leave right now with a lovely little boy and a preschooler so I think it would be best to keep my goals relatively light for next year. Mainly because getting anything done is an accomplishment in itself these days. Seriously, I don't know how single parents do it and that is another thought for another day.

Writing Blog Posts

I would like to start writing blog posts again. It has been a long time since I posted on any blog and at times I do miss it. Being able to talk about something can be very therapeutic sometimes.

My bog post writing goal is to write a minimum of one post a week. Keeping it light and do-able.

Write to Someone

I am seriously the worst at writing letters to anyone. You would think with all the technology about it would be a breeze to do. I guess I just prefer to talk face to face. I think that is why my emails tend to be short and to the point. Unless I am trying to explain something, something technical perhaps, and then that is another story.

I did try something like this once before after I read an article talking about the importance of keeping in touch. They suggested to write to a family member or a close friend once a day; write to your mentor once a week; and to write an email to your boss letting them know what you did today. It was an article that encompassed a few different areas of your life and I found it an interesting read. I should try to find that online article again and provide a link here when I find it.

I would like to pick this up again but perhaps reducing the frequency might work out better for me.

My correspondence goal is to write to someone once every other day.

Re-Decorate the Living Room

Lots of light comes through and lightens up the living room provided by one very large window and a patio door from the adjacent kitchen, which makes for one very inviting room. We never really finished decorating the living room after we moved in a few ago and some of the furniture does not work well with the current colour scheme.

My living room redecorating goals are as follows:
I am going to post some unwanted furniture on Kijiji
Bring someone in (or do it myself) to finish the trim
Buy some furniture that would works nicely with the current space

Read More

I can see a lot of people saying they would like to read more. I already read a lot I think. Well, more than some and certainly not as much as heavy readers. Certainly enough to say I read, I guess.

I think I would like to read less fiction, maybe restrict those to only audio books while I commute to and from work, and read more non-fiction books that pertain to technology, dogs, or parenting. Two topics always of interest to me and one I want to know more of so I can play a better part in raising two decent fine young men.

My non-fiction goals are to read 1/2 hour to an hour a day on one of those three mentioned topics. And, audio books count, especially now while it is hard to get any sleep while one of my boys is still an infant. Boy oh boy, I am telling you, I am looking forward to the day when my infant starts sleeping through the night.

Yes, my goals for 2016 are fairly light and my reasoning is thus: I also want to spend time with my two boys.

I think my goals can be manageable and I am going to try and see how it goes.

Thank you Steve Bedard for posing the question on your personal blog. Forget about New Year's resolutions, I challenge you to set some goals for 2016. What are your goals?

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